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SNUZPOD COT - from £169

The SnuzPod is a great side-sleeping cot which is really beneficial for night-time feeds. It looks great and can also act as a stand alone cot when the time is right. It is made from beech wood and is safe for your child. It also has a breathable mesh window, which also allows you to keep an eye on your little one!



LEANDER CRADLE - from £268

This beautiful minimalist cradle is going to serve you as a bed for your baby, and a piece of art for their nursery. The stand is made from beech and steel, while the lining and covers are 100% cotton. With the cradle hanging from a single, central suspension, any movement your baby makes will cause the cradle to rock gently, mimicking the feeling of being in the womb. It’s extra selling point, is that the frame can be converted into a play tent/tee-pee when you’re child outgrows the cradle!



Why we love it options - Chemical free, Eco-friendly, Natural, Organic

This little slice of heaven is the perfect way for you to sleep easy, while your baby does too. It is the UK’s only organic mattress (Global Organic Textile Standard certified), free from foam, chemicals and any other nasties you want far from your sleeping baby – offering nothing short of a pure and healthy sleeping environment.