Cecilia Kristiansen


Cecilia Kristiansen

Your name: Susie Verrill

Occupation: Blogger/Social Media Editor/Writer

Name and age of your little one(s): Milo, 2 years and pregnant with little boy number 2


A little bit about yourself:

I’m a real mishmash of most things. I love travelling into the city for work and events, but we live in the middle of the countryside and currently own 9 chickens, 5 ducks and three dogs. As a family we love to travel and I love it once I’m getting stuck in but definitely get nervous in the lead up. I’m laid back with parenting, but long to be a bit more structured (!), love a good read, fashion and going on adventures whenever possible.


A sneak peak into your fridge (the good, the bad and the ugly!):

On the whole, we’re a healthy household. My other half is a professional athlete so it doesn’t really make sense to have a cupboard bursting with treats he can’t enjoy, but on the flip side, Milo’s not, ‘not’ allowed anything. We love greens, superfoods, wholesome winter grub and many, many BBQs. Even if it’s freezing cold and raining! We make a big deal out of breakfast as a family; we go for savoury, sweet and all things in between. It’s a nice way to feast in to the day and I like to think because we’ve always had a diverse range of food on offer, Milo’s not fussy.


Favourite thing about being a mum:

Seeing the unbridled joy the simplest of things can bring your children. You really do get to experience everything all over again and it can be very eye-opening. I’d say each day holds a tiny bit of wonderful, even when it’s been really tough and that’s a lovely thing to experience. You can think you’ve done a terrible job at managing all day and then get to bedtime and your child will tell you how much they love you. Motherhood provides intensity you can’t imagine sometimes.


What is the one product YOU couldn’t live without:

My Tangle Teaser or Netflix.


What is the one product your child couldn’t live without:

For a child, a Jumperoo. Honestly, it saved our arms/sanity (although gosh the music’s another level of annoying. Ask any parent at any point in their parenting career and they’ll be able to hum the tune)


Why do you feel it’s important to live healthily?

After having Milo I was desperate to feel myself again and healthy eating plus exercise really, really played a part in that. In getting my body back to a way I felt was comfortable, in giving me breathing space from Milo and in just knowing I was giving my body what it needed. I was breastfeeding, tired, recovering from a traumatic birth and I wanted to take control in a safe and easy way.


Your top tip for other parents:

Do what gets you through and ignore what everyone else tells you (unless of course, you’ve asked). The amount of times my other half and I were given advice from other parents which conflicted what we’d heard the day before from someone else was overwhelming and you find you’re battling against a sea of information. Muddle through, find your groove and be happy knowing you’ve done that yourself. You’ll get there, just take your time and know you’re doing a good job.


Best #parentingfail story:

Not knowing babies up to four months can’t breathe through their mouths. Milo had a terrible cold at 7 weeks and he was struggling to breathe through all the snot. We decided to pinch his nose to encourage breathing through his mouth and then realised it just left him flailing his arms and panicking. We Googled it and found, yep… they don’t function that way for a while. We felt terrible!


One key life lesson you learnt from your mum or dad?

I’d say, on the whole, I learned how to be a great mum from my own and know to ignore almost everything my dad brought to the table.


One lesson you hope you’ll teach your children when they’re all grown up:

That being individual, caring and kind means you’re cool and the sort of person other people will want to be around.