Cecilia Kristiansen


Cecilia Kristiansen

Your name: Bethany Pike

Occupation: Blogger (Biff & Baba) and Personal Trainer

Name and age of your little one(s): Maddison Grace, 4 months old



A little bit about yourself:

I am a first time mummy, documenting my journey and experiences of motherhood through my blog. I have always wanted to be a mummy so am loving family life! I am addicted to baby fashion, interiors and expensive handbags! Coming from the fitness industry, I have discovered a new love and appreciation for my body now I have had a baby!


A sneak peak into your fridge (the good, the bad and the ugly!):

The fridge is actually pretty healthy! We always prep our food ready for the week, so we have tons of made up tupperwares that contain fish/meat and lots of green veggies in them ready to grab and go!! A variety of almond, soy and coconut milks, hard boiled eggs and avocados. My guilty pleasure is chocolate rice cakes that I have hidden in the cupboard!


Favourite thing about being a mum:

Discovering a new kind of unconditional love that a mother has for their child! I can’t stop smiling everyday no matter how tired I may be!


What is the one product YOU couldn’t live without:

Dry Shampoo! Serious life and time saver! Coffee as well in all honesty.. ;)


What is the one product your child couldn’t live without:

Her baby bouncer!! She loves to sit in there and watch what's going on and have a good kick about with her legs. We went for the BabyBjorn because she much prefers the bouncing motion of the seat rather than a motorised swing!


Why do you feel it’s important to live healthily?

Being healthy to me is not only about eating well and exercise, it's about being healthy mentally as well! So I think it’s important to live healthily to have an all round, happier and more positive life! As well as looking after your body!


Your top tip for other parents:

Just go with the flow! I think it’s important to remember that every baby is different, so you cannot compare routines, behaviours, feeding etc. What works for one baby won’t necessarily work for another! So just chill, listen to your gut and follow your baby's cues! Happy mama = Happy baba!


Best #parentingfail story:

Maddison was about 10 weeks old, and I was having a coffee catch up with some of my NCT mums. I stupidly said how Maddison had never had a poo explosion - the ones that leak and destroy their clothes.. 10 minutes later, BOOM poo everywhere and I was in the middle of a cafe! I had definitely spoke to soon!!


You favourite quote:

“Everything happens for a reason”


One key life lesson you learnt from your mum or dad?

My mum is my absolute superhero and role model! She always said, “As long as you’ve tried your best, then that’s good enough!”.


One lesson you hope you’ll teach you’re children when they’re all grown up:

To dream big! And live life with a humble and grateful heart.