Neo Khama

Danielle Hayley

Neo Khama
Danielle Hayley

Your name: Danielle Hayley

Occupation: Model/Presenter/blogger

When are you expecting your little one: July!

A little bit about yourself:
I love to travel the world and spend a good part of the year doing mountain trekking or active holiday adventures. I also love to spend summers in Ibiza. I am passionate about learning all things relative to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and love to inspire and educate others as well. I take a very holistic approach to life, from the cosmetics I use, to practicing yoga and meditation almost daily, to treating infections with natural products…I truly believe in living naturally and trying to achieve a balance with clean eating, exercise, good social relationships, embracing love and doing good for the world. A modern day hippie! 

A sneak peek into your fridge (the good, the bad and the ugly!):
My favourite ‘good’ foods that are ALWAYS in my fridge are hummus, avocado, almond milk,  eggs, cottage cheese, coconut water, and greens to make a green juice. The naughty ones are either brown pita or indian chapatti (to dip into the hummus), dark chocolate anything. Ugly..Frank’s red hot sauce?…on everything! 

Most exciting thing about becoming a parent:
Being able to share and experience more love! Building a family with the love of my life. Have a little girly sidekick I can take with me on otherwise solo adventures! 

Most daunting thing about becoming a parent:
Breastfeeding. How my relationship with my partner may change. Not being able to travel as much.

What is the one product YOU couldn’t live without:
Toothbrush (and paste!)

Why do you feel it’s important to live healthily?
Because our happiness depends on it! We need to support our bodies through clean living in order for our bodies to function at its best, therefore contributing to our happiness! 

Your top tip for other mums-to-be:
- Don’t stop moving your body, and remember you AREN'T eating for two! 
- Join pregnancy yoga, you will connect with your baby, meet new friends, learn excellent tips for labour, and tone your body.
- Pregnancy can be quite lonely, so having family and friends around to support it sooo important. Keep being social.
- Don’t try and do everything at once, you have 9 months to prepare. 
- Make time for your relationship outside of baby chat. 
- Pamper yourself, get your hair did (natural products!) buy some flattering clothes.
- Avoid looking at your naked bum in mirrors hahah cellulite can show it horrendous face even more so when preggo.

Most embarrassing moment:
Throwing up over a courgette. 

Your favourite quote:
Dance like no one is watching, laugh like there is no tomorrow, love like you have never been hurt, live every moment!

One key life lesson you learnt from your mum or dad?
Take nothing in life too seriously, everything will always work out.

One lesson you hope you’ll teach your children when they’re all grown up:
Never stop learning, never stop traveling, never stop loving!