Getting prepared for the arrival of a sibling!

Getting prepared for the arrival of a sibling!

When you had your first baby you were able to give all of your attention to your baby and focus on recovering from labour.  When you have a second baby it can be more challenging as you’ll wonder how you can meet both of their needs, but fear not, we’ve got some great tips to take any worry away.  



  1. Start by talking to your older child about the arrival of his or her new sibling. Show your older child your growing tummy and ask him or her to help you set up the baby's nursery. Explain to your older child that the baby will eat, sleep and cry most of the time. The baby won't be able to play with them right away.


  1. If your child will need to change rooms to make space for the new baby, do so before the baby is born. This will give your older child a chance to get used to the new setup before dealing with the baby's arrival.


  1. Try to complete your older child's potty training before the baby is born or wait until a few months after you bring your baby home to start the process.  Don’t try doing it all at once!


  1. When the new baby arrives, have your partner bring your child to the hospital for a short visit. Make sure that you give your older child lots of cuddles in that moment so that they feel included and loved.  It might be nice to give them a small present from their new brother or sister too and say that the baby is so excited to have such a wonderful older brother/sister.  


  1. If your older child is school aged and able to understand all the goings on then think of all the positives that having a new sibling brings and explain it to them, for example that they can go to bed later than the baby, they can hang their artwork in the baby’s room and they can help look after the baby.