Juggling toddlers and newborns!

Juggling toddlers and newborns!

Juggling a toddler with a new born baby requires a skill set that you never knew you had – but we can promise you that you do!  All that is required is a little preparation and lots of patience!

  • Prepare your first born for the fact that there is going to be another brother/sister to share your time and attention with but reassure them that there’s more than enough to go around.  

  • When your newborn is sleeping focus your attention fully on your older child, play their favourite game or do something together that you wouldn’t be able to do when the baby is awake.  This way your child will still feel like he/she is getting that precious one on one time with you.  

  • If you are able to – get some outside help.  You might feel guilty about sending your toddler off for a few hours with granny or grandpa, a nanny or to a play group but it will give you some time to yourself (when the baby is sleeping) and also allow you to have time to bond with your baby without the distractions of looking after your toddler at the same time.  

  • Children love structure and routine so as much as possible keep your toddler doing the same general routine, activities, meal times, bed times etc. as they did before the baby arrived and they’ll reward you be being cherubs all day long!  Well, some of the time anyway!

  • If friends or family offer to help, take it!!