Fun ways to keep your kids moving!

Fun ways to keep your kids moving!

Fitness in children has such huge benefits ranging from increased confidence, better concentration, stimulating their minds and promoting their adventurous side as they try new activities.

Here are some suggestions of ways to have fun with exercise with your children:


  • Carrying your baby in a sling or carrier is a perfect way to get out into the fresh air, get some gentle exercise and a different environment for your baby.

  • There are a number of fitness classes geared towards mums and babies in slings – have a look online and see if there is one in your area!


  • Swimming can be a great way to develop your toddlers muscles and because they can wear arm bands they can get a taste of independence and freedom of movement.

  • Going to the playground is a great source of exercise as your toddler will enjoy running around and playing with the other kids that are there.

Older children

  • By the time your child is around 5 they can have a go at riding a bike – this can be a really fun, although sometimes terrifying experience for both child and parent but always worth it once they finally get the knack!

Ultimately, encouraging your children to move in any capacity sets them up for a healthy and active lifestyle which they will continue as they grow up.