Finding out the gender of your babe?

Finding out the gender of your babe?

For all the women out there who have ever had a baby or are currently pregnant you’ll know that one of the most commonly asked questions during pregnancy is ‘Are you going to find out the sex of the baby?’.

Aside from it getting rather tedious having to answer this for the millionth time and then feel like you have to justify your choice, it is a question which all parents-to-be have to make a decision on and naturally other people are intrigued to know what choice you’ve made.

There is no right or wrong answer and it is a very personal choice for the couple.  Ideally you will have made your minds up by the time you go for your 20-week scan so that you don’t have to have a debate in front of the sonographer!  Below are a few reasons in favour of both sides to help you make up your mind!



Yes, we’re going to find out the sex


  • You can plan ahead with clothing, nursery decorations, and names

  • If you already have a child, discovering the gender of your baby can help decide whether or not you need to buy new clothes or can use hand me downs

  • Friends and family have more direction when buying a gift

  • It can help to increase the bond between parent and unborn baby.  Instead of the baby being an ‘it’ it becomes a ‘he’ or a ‘she’

  • Avoids any element of disappointment if you had hoped for a boy or a girl

  • If you have older children explaining that the baby will be their brother or sister can help their understanding of what their new family will look like once the baby is born

  • There are still surprises in that you won’t know what they’ll look like, whether they’ll have hair, what weight they’ll be etc.  


No, we’re going to keep the sex a surprise


  • If you love surprises, then this is truly one of life’s best ones

  • You will love your child just as much regardless of if you know if it’s a boy or a girl

  • As long as the baby is healthy it doesn’t matter and you’ll be happy whether it’s a boy or a girl  

  • By buying neutral colored clothes they can be used for any future children, thus saving money