Emotional Spring Clean

Emotional Spring Clean

A change in seasons can often bring about the urge to declutter our wardrobes, sort out our filing and generally get our living space spick and span.  But what about spring cleaning our emotional clutter?  It’s just as important to reflect on emotions and relationships and consider if you can make any adjustments for you to lead your happiest, fullest and most contented life, both in your surroundings but more importantly within yourself.



Here are 5 top tips to help you sort through your emotional ‘clutter’:


Review your relationships

Have a think about what relationships are positive in your life and those that may be not.  Get a pen and paper and physically write down the positives and negatives of that relationship.  Ask yourself: Do they make me smile?  Do they make me feel anxious? Can I trust them?  Do I feel good after seeing them?  

Balance and reciprocity is key to successful relationships so if you feels that some of yours like this then maybe it’s time to have an honest conversation with them about how you can improve your relationship.  


Prioritise self-care

Self-care is essentially ensuring that you’re getting enough ‘me time’ in your life.  We all lead such busy lives that it’s easy to get to the end of a week feeling completely depleted having not had a minute to yourself.  Make sure that you take time out for you – whether it’s having a massage, going to the gym, lighting candles for a soak in the bath or cooking yourself your favourite meal, this time should be spent without your mobile or other distractions.  You will end up feeling energetic, peaceful and rejuvenated.  


Learn to let go of negative emotions

Acknowledge when you’re holding on to negative emotions and consciously get rid of them.  You can even open the window and physically ‘swoosh them out the window’.  Holding on to negativity in any form can zap our energy and make us feel angry, disappointed and unbalanced.  Most likely the drama isn’t worth it so let it go and reap the benefits.  


Learn acceptance

Ask yourself if you can influence the outcome of the situation?  If the answer is no, then don’t spend a minute more worrying about it as it’s wasted energy.  


Understand that not all relationships are meant to last forever

It is entirely normal for people to come in and out of your life.  It doesn’t de value the relationship you had with them whilst they were in your life.  If you learn to let go of emotions that don’t serve you, relationships that don’t bring you happiness and learn to slow down then your energy will be naturally renewed and stress will decrease.