Shifting seasons

Shifting seasons

With children in tow, the darker nights starting to draw in can feel like a challenge – summer seems to offer endless water fuelled activities that can entertain most children for hours, but now what?!


Here is a list of things that can occupy those weekday evenings and autumn weekends until it’s time to start carving pumpkins and making Christmas decorations, but we won't talk about that just yet…! 


1. Go on a ‘Signs of Autumn’ nature walk

Can your children spot the leaves changing on the trees outside your house?  How has the temperature changed when they leave for school in the morning?  Can they spot any conkers on the ground? 


2. Jump in a big pile of leaves

Whether it’s in the park or your garden there is no better feeling than a crisp autumn day and jumping in big piles of red, brown and golden leaves – even grownups should do this!


3. Make some crafts with fallen leaves

Bring a bag outside with you and have your children collect as many beautiful leaves as they can. These can be made into a collage, sprayed golden or silver for pretty decorations or pressed and put on card to be used as a lovely book mark. 


4. Go Blackberry picking


This is an all time favourite autumn activity and I’m not sure what’s better – eating the blackberries as you go so you only end up with a few in your punnet at the end or making that yummy blackberry and apple crumble.  Children love blackberry picking, just be sure to wear clothes that aren’t precious as the blackberry juice does stain.