Holi-yay or nay?

Holi-yay or nay?

It's that time of year again! Schools are packing up and everyone is dusting off their suitcases ready to flee the British 'summer' for some guaranteed sunshine! However, for some of you parents out there, the thought of breaking routines, getting hot and sticky and not having Peppa Pig on demand is more than you can bear to think of! Well fear not, holidays are something we all love, and we won't let being a parent change that for you! So here is our 2 part series on how to nail the holidays!

Let's start with getting there shall we....

1. Gone are the days of booking the 2.35am flight at half the price of all the others I'm afraid - antisocial flying hours are strictly out of bounds with a little one (unless they're really great sleepers)! You want to keep this journey low stress - so avoid flying when you and your family are exhausted, and where possible, pick flights that will work best with nap times/feeding routines.

2. Get packed early! We know some of you might have been the once-whimsical traveler, with nothing more than a bikini/trunks, tooth brush and charger in tow, but chances are you might need to be a little more organised this time around, and winging it won't work quite as well when you're on the hunt for a very specific cuddly! Lots of your holiday gear won't be needed at home (espesh if you live in the UK) so start packing early and give yourself a chance!

3. Traveling, new places, airports, trains, hundreds of people - they will all act as amazing distractions for your little one, so while you'll no doubt be doing your best to maintain some structure, don't stress too much about routine on your journey to and from holibobs! There is so much new stimuli all around so if your babe won't get some shuteye at quite the right time, don't fret, just go with it! Chances are they'll be happier and calmer watching planes come and go than being forced to sleep in a noisy airport (plus, thats what the car journey is for - so save it up!)

So now that we hope we've managed to get you on holiday.. Let's think about what's next! Tune in next week for part 2!