Group exercise

Exercise is absolutely KEY to healthy living - that's something we all know, and yet many of us still don't do it regularly enough!

A sure fire way of improving our stats is by drafting in an 'accountability parter' - we're talking anyone else in the world that wants to stick to the same goals as you - yes anyone, partner, brother, best friend or even your kids! And guess what? Yep! The more accountability partners you have, the higher your chances of success!

So why not set a family goal of moving your bodies for 20 minutes every day? That way, even when one of you is feeling sluggish, the others will keep the motivation and momentum going! Its a great way to bond and connect, both in the physical activity, but also in the moral support surrounding it. Studies also show that many of us prefer exercising in groups because it turns what can, for some, be a boring 'chore', into a sociable activity, so give it a go!

Here are some of our suggestions for the best types of family exercise:

- trampolining
- dog walking
- assault courses
- yoga (brilliant for winding down before bed too!)
- bike rides

And while the weather can (although it shouldn't!) act as a great excuse not to exercise for many months of the year, we are in the midst of summer, and your kiddies are at home, so don't waste any time in building a great new family habit!