Kids yoga

School is out for summer and as the weather is so up and down at the moment you might be trying to think of activities to amuse your kids come rain or shine.



Why not try some child friendly yoga?  It’s great for balance and motor skills and means you’ll also get a mini routine in too!


A fun way to help children understand what positions they should get in to is to liken each pose to an animal, this means that they’ll be able to remember and repeat the position.  Doing yoga with your kids is also a great listening activity as children follow instructions and move their body into position as instructed!


Giraffe: To do the giraffe pose. Spread your legs shoulder width apart, place one hand on knee and stretch the other hand high up in the air over your head like a giraffe eating leaves from a tree! Repeat on the opposite side.


Hermit Crab: This is traditionally called child's pose. And is used as a resting pose in yoga. Have your toddler keep nice and still. Then ask them to wriggle certain parts of their body. Fingers. Toes. Bottom. Then return to resting. A good way to start or finish your fun yoga routine.


Sailing Ship: Use a window sill to assist with balance. Make a mast with your arm stretching up high. And a sail with one leg bent at the knee and foot resting on the opposite knee. To add a little extra balance testing, move the 'sail' forward and backward as though blowing in the wind!


Seal Pose: This is a lovely light stretch on the back. Your child will probably be easily able to do this with their hands on the ground. For yourself you may like to modify and just have your elbows/forearms on the ground if it's too big a stretch on your back. Children tend to be more flexible than adults!


Lay on stomach and come up onto forearms, then slowly come up onto hands keeping arms relatively straight. Spread your legs out wide like a seals tail. Making seal noises is always fun!


Digging Dog: A well know yoga pose is the downward facing dog. This is great for balance and strengthening. Have your child hold this pose for 30 seconds or more, then move into the hermit crab pose. You could also have them pretend to dig like the digging dog!


Roaring Lion: An easy pose. Have child kneel then sit back on their feet. Spread knees out wide and put hands on knees. Roaring like a lion is optional but lots of fun!


You could ask your child to create a few poses of their own based on their favourite animals or other parts of nature, a tree blowing in the breeze, a starfish, etc.


You could also play a game of 'Simon Says' style yoga, where you instruct your child on the pose to do and they move into that post independently. This is great once they know the poses here or ones you've created yourself!