Mini scoffers

Mini scoffers

As we know, many of you are crazy busy, juggling work, old life and new life (aka babes!), and while being healthy and making sure your kids eat right is almost always top of the list, sometimes it just isn't!

We're not ones for microwave meals or take aways 6 days/week, but we're also realists and understand that sometimes time just disappears. So we want to offer you a solution that sits really well with us, and works well for you!

Miniscoff is a family business - Angus Oliphant decided to create homemade, wholesome meals, and pop them in the freezer for you to buy and enjoy at home! They are entirely organic and can be heated in the oven, which we love, and there is a great range of family favourites to choose from!

So when you're doing your shopping, why not pick up one or two? So that next time you're in a fix, you've got a nutritious, hassle-free option at your fingertips, and without so much as a saucepan to wash up!

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