Water - the dirty truth

Water - the dirty truth

So we all know that we’re meant to drink at least two litres a day for optimum benefits, with this being even more important over the summer months. However, the quality of the water that we’re drinking is perhaps even more important.

Water is the original and ultimate superfood, and it is usually the first (and simplest) step on the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Yet many experts are now telling us that we should be filtering our water in order to enjoy the health benefits. But why bother filtering tap water when you’ve not experienced any nasty side effects so far?

Firstly, filtering makes tap water taste much better - just try it! Secondly, it also removes chlorine (which is used to treat water and yes this is the same disinfectant used in swimming pools) as well as neutralises any toxins collected from dirty or rusty water pipes.  

With many water filter options available on the high street, you can easily enjoy toxin-free water all the time. Just remember when buying at-home filter, make sure you get one that eliminates the nasties but preserves the things we want, minerals like calcium and magnesium.

A final tricky water dilemma – bottled water. It’s not as simple as just considering the water that you are drinking but the drinking vessel is also important!

You should always look to drink from a glass where possible, as water can absorb the chemicals from the plastic in bottles, and then there’s the impact on the environment with the masses of plastic bottles that are chucked away daily. Studies have also shown that approximately 40% of bottled water is tap anyway! A healthy alternative to filter on-the-go is to use a charcoal stick instead of a plastic bottle.