Stay safe in the sun

Stay safe in the sun

This summer, make sure your child is using sunscreen – even when you’re not around, like during the school day.

Making sure children slip, slop, slap before going outside to play on summer holidays or when we're lucky enough to get a heat wave in the UK is a vital task for any parent. 

Even though we only see the full force of the sun for a few months of the year it is important to be fully aware of the damage that it can cause and to educate your kids about the importance of wearing sun cream and staying out of the midday sun.

Teaching your kids the habit of putting on sun cream is as important as making sure they know to brush their teeth, wear a helmet while cycling or put on a seatbelt when they get in the car. 

By encouraging children to reapply sun cream before they go outside to play parents can take a small but important step in creating a healthier future and preventing skin damage that later in life can increase the risk of skin cancer. 

Here are some tips on encouraging kids to reapply their sun cream before they go diving into the pool or play on the beach:

1. Let them choose a sun cream they like. As long as it’s SPF30 or higher, broad-spectrum and water-resistant, let them choose their favourite. But be conscious of the brands with more nasties in, just because it protects from the sun, doesn't mean it's all good either!

2. Keep it in view. A visual reminder is handy – you can buy sun creams that clip on to bags

3. Model behaviours. A study found children are 16 times more likely to use sun cream if their parents do. Let your kids see that wearing sun cream on holiday or when the sun is hot is a normal habit and routine.

Enjoy these summer months and bask in the Vitamin D as it has great health benefits too, just be sure to be safe and don't get burnt.