Healthy and happy travels

Healthy and happy travels

As we approach the summer season here are our top tips for staying happy and healthy whilst on the move:

  1. Plan ahead – pop snack-sized portions of healthy nibbles and treats such as nuts, seeds, fruits, raw chocolate etc. into your bag to prepare for those hunger attacks. Also, if possible, make sure the whole family has a wholesome breakfast before heading out to avoid any unhealthy panic purchases in the airport.

  2. Hydrate – keep drinking lots of water….and if possible avoid too much caffeine when flying to keep dehydration to a minimum.

  3. Research – before you set off take an active interest in wherever you’re travelling to. Find recommendations for local restaurants and cafes serving fresh, locally sourced food. That way you’ll know exactly where to head to enjoy experimenting and tasting the local cuisine.

  4. Stay active – try to keep moving wherever you are. Walking or hiring bikes is a great way to explore a new destination with the whole family as well as releasing those happy exercise endorphins!

  5. Enjoy yourself – make sure you relax. Holidays should be amazing, fun experiences so stay flexible! Don’t be hard on yourself if you step away from your normal routine and if some of the choices you make aren’t the healthiest ones as you indulge in the local delicacies…so what? Life is about balance after all!  

Happy travelling!!