Best foods for weaning onto solids

As you approach the 6 month mark in your little one's life, you'll naturally start considering adding some solids into your baby's diet. This is a really important next step in the development of their eating habits and is something that everyone will experience differently.

Some children will love solids from the get go, and with others it can take months of trialling new flavours and textures before it really gets off the ground. Either way, embrace the experience, and stay connect to YOUR baby - this is not a race, so don't allow other people's milestones to push you or your baby too soon! You will know when the time is right.

With all of that in mind, we thought it might good to just offer a list of some of the best foods to start the process with, and also highlight the no-gos, just to be on the safe side!


1. potatoes
2. carrots
3. parsnips
4. sweet potatoes
5. broccoli
6. butternut squash
7. apples
8. peaches
9. avocado
10. peaches

NB - the first 7 on the list must be cooked! And it is recommended that all of the above are mashed or pureed when first starting out, but this is not a must! Many people prefer a baby-led weaning approach (i.e. less mush more chunk) and this is another weaning process we'll be writing about in the coming weeks. Also, be careful of the temperature - allow to cool before serving! Finally, don't expect your little one to eat lots to start with, the aim is simply to expose them to as many new textures and flavours as they are happy with!


1. salt
2. sugar
3. raw/partially raw eggs
4. honey
5. whole nuts/seeds (choking hazard!)
6. raw/partially raw shellfish
7. raw/partially raw fish
8. gluten