Easter weekend fun!

Easter weekend fun!

The Easter weekend is fast approaching and not only does that mean 4 wonderful days off, but that also marks the start of the Easter holidays for most of you! While this is a great thing in so many ways, it can also be little daunting to think you've got the kiddlywinks full time and somehow have to keep them entertained without resorting to full time TV addiction or chocolate induced food comas!

We thought we might offer some Easter inspired activities to help you out!

1. Egg painting. This is an activity that can consume children of almost an age and can also double up and very sweet presents for any grandparents you might be seeing over the long weekend!

2. Easter-egg hunts. These are an all time favourite for must children, no doubt thanks to the chocolate laden treasure they end up with! But why not try a hunt for something other than chocolate (you'd be surprised at how excited you can make your little ones about finding some plastic coins or marbles!). We're not here to totally ruin Easter though - maybe the prize for finding all the hidden treasure could be just the 1 Easter egg at the end! :)

3. A trip to the local farm. Easter is here, and that means Spring should be well on it's way too (we hope)! Why not take a trip to your local farm and check out all the new baby animals, as well as the inevitable Easter-themed activities they will have ready for your children to enjoy!