Why we love avocados!

Why we love avocados!

Avocados  – some people love them, and others hate them… but we can really only be friends with the ones that share our extreme passion for the av! Here are our top 5 reasons to justify our love affair with the alligator pear!

1. They make guacamole – enough said!

2. They’re super filling (especially when smashed onto a slice of toasted rye bread)

3. They are packed with fibre, so your gut will love you!

4. They work wonders on skin, hair and nails!

5. They are so versatile! They can literally be used in anything – breakfast smoothies, with eggs, lunchtime salads, dips, chocolate mousses and so much more!

So in our humble opinion, get yourself a couple of avocados and join the gang!