The Sugar Monster

The Sugar Monster

Being a family brand, with a particular focus on both health and children, I thought this a topic of chatter very appropriate, especially considering all the recent reports on obesity in the UK

3. Use natural replacements – this is so important! There is little point in training your family to go sugar free (and loving it, I might add) if the new ingredient contains a load of nasty and unnatural chemicals instead! Think about using an organic and pure maple syrup in baking or blended dates and bananas for naturally sweet smoothies and homemade ice creams!

4. And finally, once you’ve made the swap, stick to it! If you manage to cleanse your children’s palettes and get them off the rubbish, refined sugars of the world, then whatever you do, don’t wean them back on!

Hopefully these (maybe obvious, but definitely crucial) pointers will help you remove a great big chunk of sugar from your children’s diet and what an amazing gift that is! If your children develop the opposite of a taste for sugar in their younger years, you can rest assured that these habits are far more likely to last into adulthood. Giving your children the gift of ‘sugar independence’ will end up being one of the best they’ll ever receive!




How to cut sugar?! This is the million-dollar question and something that lots of parents will have tried, but unfortunately, many of the sugar loving children of this day and age are far more discerning than we give them credit for and will spot a healthy replacement for chocolate cake in a heartbeat! So I thought I’d offer a few suggestions as to how you can best win your little ones over, without too much disappointment!

1. First of all – keep it a total secret! Don’t alert anyone to your cunning plan, just start by testing the waters on the sly and find out just how sugar-sensitive they really are! So the next time you serve up a batch of scrummy (sugar-free) muffins, keep their nutritional status to yourself!

2. Take it slow… Depending on the level of sugar addiction in your household, going cold turkey could cause you some sleepless nights and hellish days, so consider ‘weaning off’ as opposed to ‘waving goodbye’! But by sticking to point number 1, they won’t be consciously aware of the comparison, which is likely to work in your favour!