Take time for YOU

Take time for YOU

Whether you’re a new mummy or daddy, a stay-at-home parent or jumping straight back into work, your life will have changed dramatically since the birth of your little one and time for yourself is probably at the very bottom of your priority list! While it’s inevitable that your baby comes first now, it really is so important to make sure you still look after yourself – after all, your baby needs you to be on form!

But, we know how hard it is to find that time, and even if you can find 10 minutes, knowing what to do with that time is just as tricky! Chances are, you’ll find a little window, and by the time you’ve decided what’s what, your time is up, and you’re back to it! Whether you get an impromptu half an hour because your partner gets home from work early or you book in some childcare for an afternoon, just give yourself a little TLC! We don’t think that anything less than 30 mins really counts, and in actual fact, if you do find yourself with a spare 15 mins on your hands, then you’d be best off prepping for anything you might need to do later/tomorrow/next week and then earn yourself an early night instead.

So, on that note, here are a few suggestions about how to spend your VERY RARE, but oh-so-important ‘me time’!

The first and most important rule about really taking some proper time to yourself is to make sure you drop everything else – and that includes putting your phone away (checking emails does not count as self love)! If you’re going to do this, then do it properly – you really do deserve it!

Ideas for 30 mins off:

  • run a bath! And not just any bath, but an essential oil, dimmed lights and candles kind of bath! And throw in a small scoop of coconut oil too, because our guess is you haven’t had time to moisturise in a while! Let the oil melt in the hot water and when you step out you’ll be glowing and super soft! If a 20 minute soak, followed by sipping a cup of peppermint tea, while wrapped in your bathrobe, lying on your bed (without your little angel by your side) doesn’t make you feel like a new person, then we don’t know what will! And better yet – its virtually FREE!
  • roll out your yoga mat! Yes, it might be a little dusty through lack of use in recent months, but give it a shake and hop back on! Whether you’re an experienced yogi or a beginner, getting upside down in some shape or form has been said to have countless positive benefits! So either try a simple, but very effective, Downward Dog stance, followed by some stretches and repeat, or get stuck in with a proper inversion, whether it be a head stand, shoulder stand or Crow pose! Getting upside down reverses blood flow, increases circulation, relaxes and energises you! Plus, doing a little bit of yoga encourages you to really think about your breathing, and get out of your own head, so it’s a fantastic way of reconnecting!

Proposals for 1-2 hour breaks:

  • leave the house! Cast your mind back to the time in your life before babies and try to remember what you used enjoy doing! Whether it be having lunch at your favourite restaurant, getting your nails done or sweating out in the gym – just go and do that!
  • See your friends! If you’re lucky enough to have this break scheduled in advance, then arrange to meet a chum! It doesn’t have to be an expensive luxury (because counting pennies is a common hobby for new parents) but grab a coffee with an old friend and just talk about normal things for an hour or two and feel like you’re not totally out of sync with the latest social media crazes or urban dictionary catch phrases!

There are loads and loads of other things you can do with any free time you might stumble upon dearest parents, but just promise us one thing – ENJOY IT! And whatever you do, don’t feel bad about embracing some time to yourself – it’s perfectly reasonable and normal for you to feel overwhelmed at the responsibilities you have, and it’s our job to remind you that you are important too!