Juice cleanses… the truth!

Juice cleanses… the truth!

Juicing and juice cleanses are topics that people have a whole host of different opinions on, and it can become super confusing to know what’s what! So I’m going to try to be as objective, honest and clear as possible about the myths behind juicing and its benefits!

Another thing that doing a cleanse encourages, is breaking bad habits! If you tend to sneak over to the cupboard for a chocolate bar after dinner or can’t resist a cup of coffee mid morning, then the structure and rigidity of a cleanse will certainly help you break those habits. Using the time whilst cleansing to become really self aware about the difference in your mind and body without your vices is a really good thing to do. It will help you stay motivated after the cleanse is over, and having had 3 days without, means you’re that much closer to really ousting those bad habits for good!

When doing a juice cleanse you will be flooded with lots of vitamins and nutrients which will make you feel great and give your body a real boost in that department but its important to remember that you’ll be low on protein, fibre and fat, which is why juicing for long periods of time is not advised. Make sure you incorporate these food groups back into your diet at the end of your cleanse, in a wholesome and natural way!

Overall I think that doing a juice cleanse can be a really wonderful, revitalising experience for your mind and body if it is done under the right circumstances and for the right reasons. But it is definitely not something that should be done regularly and making sure you chose a company that uses high quality, organic ingredients and cold press juicers is so important!













First things first: DETOXING! This is a word I’ve heard time and time again, whether it be for skin care products or the latest wellness fads and regimes! The problem with this word is that many scientists argue that it is totally false advertising. It implies that we are full of toxins that we need help getting rid of, but in actual fact, our bodies are built and designed to constantly detoxify us. The reality is that if we really relied on a juice cleanse or tea to detox us of all the chemicals and toxins we make contact with every day, then most of the population would be in a really bad way. So, for me, I steer really clear of this word, and make sure to take it with a huge chunk of salt!

The other major issue with juicing is that it is often a tool used for quick weight loss. In my opinion, generally anything ‘quick fix’ is probably not great for you, and not likely to last. That is definitely the case with weight loss and juicing. The weight you lose is mostly water and will inevitably hop right back on when you start eating, so do not juice to drop a dress size, it’ll probably be a waste of time and money, and might leave you feeling disheartened. If you’re really looking to lose weight, then modifying your diet to cut out the worst bits and increasing your activity levels is the way forward. Making smaller but more sustainable changes are always going to be far better for your mind and body! And with time, you can up the ante, meaning that eventually you’ll be where you want to be, without having to endure a drastic life change!

That said, what juicing does do, is hit pause on our digestive system and allow it to have a proper break, which also often reduces bloating, which people see as positive side effect! It takes hours to fully digest anything we eat, so by not giving our bodies any solid food to deal with, we are significantly reducing the workload for our insides for a few days! This mini holiday for your body allows your immune system to work at its optimum level and leaves most people feeling on top of the world! Ideally, try to time a juice cleanse with a time when you can really relax – I certainly wouldn’t recommend cleansing during exams or a house move! You want to be able to show yourself some real love, and enjoy the break from the everyday. Whilst you might still have to write a few emails or continue with day-to-day life, this time should be for you and if you’re feeling tired, then getting an early night, or reading a book on the sofa should certainly be an option!