Flight Food

Flight Food

We all love a holiday, whether its a short city break or 2 weeks on the beach! Either way, you don't want to turn up one day 1 feeling bloated and sluggish do you?! That's why I often travel with a few healthy snacks to keep me going while I’m on the plane and curb the temptation of all the less wonderful options. Here are five of my favourite healthy good-tos!

1. Bounce Balls – there are lots of different flavours of Bounce Balls but my favourite is ‘Spirulina & Ginseng’. These balls are designed to give you a natural energy boost, so they are great to have while you’re trundling through an airport or sitting on a plane.

2. Ombar Chocolate – I am a massive chocolate fan so when I swapped to refined sugar free I really struggled to keep away from the Galaxy and Kinder… until I found Ombar chocolate that is – its just so creamy! How? Coconut cream is their secret! It is perfect to pop in your bag for a little guilt-free inflight snack. They also have Ombar Chocolate buttons which are a guaranteed winner with the kids!

3. Almonds – these nuts are at their freshest at the moment, mid summer is the height of their season. So grab a bag and take it on the plane with you to keep you going. They’re so tasty and are packed with Vitamin E, antioxidants, protein, fibre etc making them super healthy.

4. Water – water is the (rather obvious) key to keeping hydrated – but it is often over looked when flying. When you are flying your skin tends to dry out and you end up feeling a bit groggy and dehydrated. Once you have gone through security pick up a bottle of water and just sip it on the plane.

5. Bananas – as you may or may not know, Bananas are so so good for you and they release lots of natural energy! Bananas reduce swelling, are high in fibre and are great for the digestive system. They are a filling and easy to eat, so having a couple in your bag is a good way of making sure to stay full and healthy on your travels.