Energy Exchange!

Energy Exchange!

I’ve recently come across the philosophy of ‘energy exchange’ and I absolutely love it! I think its a wonderful, mindful concept, that removes the fixation of money and puts value on peoples skills, knowledge and hard work!

If this is something you’ve never heard of before, let me offer you a quick explanation. As far as I understand, ‘energy exchange’ is as simple as offering a service/product/skill in exchange for another, rather than hard cash. The idea is that it shouldn’t cost either party money to deliver their service, but that the value of the service is reimbursed in a way that is equally valuable to the other. Now some of you may be thinking, well why bother, surely cash is a more useful currency to work in, but in some cases I’d disagree…

Of course, there will always be times when money is a total must-have but in certain circumstances I think energy exchange is a wonderful thing.

Here is an example that might make the concept a bit clearer!

– my friend helps a local gym with their social media on a weekly basis, and in return has access to free classes! Now she could pay for the gym membership, and the gym could then pay her for her time, but ultimately that would leave them in the same financial situation, so why not operate on a much more human level?!

And here are a couple more, that might be more relevant to all you parents!

– rather than paying a babysitter, why not leave your children with their grandparents for an evening, in exchange for a Sunday afternoon helping them with odd-jobs around the house… Saves you forking out for childcare, and your parents splashing out on a handyman, and yet, everyone has achieved exactly what they wanted and needed!

– or arrange playdates with your childrens’ friends over the holidays, repaying the favour the following week… That frees up a whole day for you, for free (excuse the delightful word play!) and will probably mean that your children are more entertained next week when they have a friend over!

But ultimately this isn’t really about saving the pennies (although its a nice bonus), its about thinking of ways around falling into the trap of incessant consumerism. Just spend a moment thinking about where your specific skill set and knowledge base lies, and whether there is anyone you can offer that to – the rest will follow, and I think you’ll love it!