Eating Seasonally

Healthy eating is about more than cutting out bad fats and going ‘raw till 4’ – there are so many different aspects of living and eating well and it goes without saying that everyone is different, so what works for some might not work for others. I just wanted to give you a little inspiration for summer foods and explain why I think eating seasonally is so important!

A huge perk of eating seasonally is the inevitable reduction in your supermarket bill! This can be down to foods being able to be grown more locally, therefore reducing costs in labour and transportation, but also down to the fact that if the ‘in season’ goods are available everywhere, then supermarkets and shops will no doubt get you through the door with a deal!

But aside from the financial benefits, your fruit and veg will probably also taste much nicer – I can certainly vouch for the fact that the kilos upon kilos of strawberries I’ve been devouring this summer are FAR sweeter, juicer and tastier than the ones you can get in January! Maybe its all in my mind, but I feel as though I can taste all the sunshine of the past couple of months in every bite! I’ve been in vitamin C heaven of late!

Here is a list of fruits and veg that are the height of their season right now – so get your hands on some of them and enjoy them in all their summery glory!