Coconut oil

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is an absolutely genius natural product! It is so super versatile and can be used as a beauty product as well as in cooking. In my opinion, it is an absolute must have both in the kitchen and in your make up bag! It is really important to remember however, that in order to get the maximum benefits out of this product, it needs to be raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil – these words are key!

Before going into examples of how and when to use it, I’ll start by just listing some of the many benefits associated with coconut oil…

– its a superfood
– it is high in saturated fat (yes, thats a good thing – but we’re talking about MCTs, not LCTs! MCTs are saturated fats that our bodies can cope with and are designed to work well with, and they can even boost metabolism!)
– it is a natural energy booster
– it contains lauric acid (this causes the wonder oil to have antibacterial and antiviral properties)
– it kills bacteria and boosts immunity
– it is great for natural skin, nail and hair care
– and many, many more…

Now onto its uses… I use coconut oil in baking, smoothies and savoury cooking! It improves almost any recipe and is a great alternative to other oils, whether you’re looking for a bit of variation or added health perks whilst munching on a raw brownie! However due to its high melting point, it is not an oil that can be used easily for dressings, as it is solid at room temp. I use it to grease baking tins, pans and as a spread on oatcakes or toasted banana bread. But moreover, coconut oil excels in the beauty department! Not only do I use it in place of all my old moisturisers, creams and after sun lotions (hand, body and face!) but it also works brilliantly as a hair conditioner and make up remover! Plus the latest trend that you may have heard of – oil pulling, for ultimate oral hygiene!

There are so many more benefits of making the switch to coconut oil across the board – too many to type – but I hope this post has given you just a little insight into the huge potential one simple oil has to offer! Get yours now!