Back to School

Back to School

September is here and almost everyone under the age of 18 is packing their bag ready for another school year! This blog post is for all you mums and dads – we’re here to give you a few tips about how best to cope with the back-to-school madness!


This is our promise to you – if you spend 5-15 mins before bed (when the kids are out of the way!) sorting out uniforms/bags/shoes/sports kit etc, you will save yourself loads of time, but far more importantly stress, the following morning!


Now timetabling certainly isn’t everyone’s thing, but in a world of children, multiple school runs, clubs and homework, its a must! It’s another great time saver in the long run, and it’s something your kids can use and understand so that they can share the organisational load!



These first couple of weeks back will inevitably be a shock to the system for your kids, which is likely to lead to tiredness, but there’s definitely a technique to coping with slightly more winge. It’s important to establish a good routine to set you up for the rest of the term (and the year!) and these first few weeks are crucial for developing good habits.

Being organised, well rested and stress free is only going to be a positive thing for you and your children, so embrace another year of education and relish these years – in no time they’ll be flying the nest!