How to boost your child's immunity

How to boost your child's immunity

1. Ensure great nutrition - every day!

With the shift in seasons and weather temperatures it’s more important than ever to make sure your kids are getting as many good nutrients as possible to boost their immune systems.  If their nutrition isn’t great then it will make it much harder for them to fight off viruses and bacteria.  Sugar has been shown to suppress immunity so keep that in mind.  Keep your kids healthy with lots of veggies, whole fruits, nuts, eggs, herbs and good quality meat and fish.  

2. Keep stress and anxiety to a minimum

Yes, believe it or not, stress and anxiety is an issue in children as well as adults.  So many children have incredibly busy schedules with school, after school clubs, home work and pressures from exams, friendships etc.  Children’s bodies have the same response to stress that adults’ do — their cortisol and adrenaline rises. When this elevation in stress hormones is sustained, their immune systems’ response is lowered.

Children should have plenty of rest and down time, reading books and playing cards are two great activities for after dinner/pre bed time that can ensure stress is reduced and thus their immune systems can thrive. 

4. Make sure they're getting enough good sleep.

Children are growing in height month on month and so it goes without saying that they need to be getting the required amount of sleep to ensure the growing process can take place effectively.  Depending on age, children need between ten and 14 hours of sleep per day. And it’s the quality of sleep that matters most. For proper secretion of melatonin (our sleep hormone), children need to sleep in the dark, with curtains that block out the light. Since electromagnetic frequency has also been shown to affect sleep quality, make sure your child’s room is unplugged from all electronic devices.