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Our Ethos

At Nurture with Nature we are all about helping you parents make the best possible choices for your children and yourselves!

We know that most people today are time-poor, and that's before you have a little human (or four!) to look after, so we pride ourselves on offering objective advice, tips and product reviews to help you along the way! We never write about anything we don't believe in and place huge value on providing honest and authentic information. We believe that living a clean and healthy life is about more than just the foods we eat and staying fit but about our state of mind, our impact on others and taking care of the world around us too! That is why we support people and brands that offer

sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly products as an alternative to some of the nasties on the market!

Our aim is to make it easy and accessible for all you parents to find information and products, whilst empowering you to reclaim and maintain your control! After all, you are the ones living and breathing your new role and we don't doubt you for a second! You're doing a brilliant job, and you must remember that! We are here only to HELP, not to judge or preach!

We hope you find what you're looking for and if you have any feedback or want to hear more about something in particular, please don't hesitate to get in touch!


Our Journey

Hey, I'm Cecilia, the founder of Nurture with Nature!

Nurture with Nature was born out my passion for living a healthy and well-balanced life and is a truly honest and authentic brand created for families.

I studied Childhood Studies (BSc) at the University of Bristol, and it was during my time at university, that I learnt a few personal lessons about the importance of health. For me, health is totally holistic, including everything from what I eat to how I think and who I want to be. 

Pre, during and post-degree I worked with children, both privately and within school settings. I now have over 7 years childcare experience under my belt, and have learnt first hand just how much we influence the small people in our lives from the day they are born.

I am also now a new mum to baby Isla and learning more than I ever expected every day about love, adaptability and the reality of sleep deprivation...

Nurture with Nature is ever-evolving, just like the rest of us, and I'm so excited to share some new projects with you this year! X


Our (tiny) Team

founder   cecilia clarke

digital content editor   hannah fletcher


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